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Start Up Singapore

Applications are open already. Me and Jiancheng have been discussing who to recruit to join our team. I think we have confirm the number of people in our team. 5! Hopefully everyone will bring a different specialised skillset to the name. Anyway, got quite a few ppl interested already. Fel, marcus, Junjie, Yeehan. We have… Read More »

My next project!

I am going to start on this project after my exams. the basic idea is to create a new class of transportation by linking people up. designed a rudimentary logo. It looks much much better than smarty attapy haha. have to congrat myself for this/ at least got improvement. oh ya/ the people symbol right,… Read More »

Smarty Attapy Logo

The logo I made for Smarty Attapy. Its quite ugly hehe. need to improve on my photoshop. Maybe at that time, if I had known about illustrator, it will have looked better. As for the erm….weird corny name, we have to attribute Bob the builder for that.

EE2001: My Smart Home: Smarty Attapy

> The mess of wires under our house. we stored all the PCB under the house. each PCB has to talk to one another so there are many wires running around. once we stacked up the 2 stories of PCB, it was impossible to do any changes to the first storey. if we were to bring this to MRT sure kenna mistaken for terrorist. Once we stack the display level, we… Read More »

NUSSU’s new logo?

Found this logo from my first term in EXCO (2004-2005). At that time, an external company, albeit ran by NUS students, were commission to do a new logo for NUSSU. These 3 logos are already among the 2nd version. The first version was radically different and the Exco thought that we should stick to tradition.… Read More »

Poster for clean pak

Deneng created this poster. simple and it puts the message across. I like the reflective effect alot. Think i will go and learn to see how it is done. There is also a video version which is even better done. i will ask him for the video and put it on youtube.Oh ya, investors who… Read More »

EG1415 Engineering Professionalism: Nuclear Energy Safety, Waste Disposal, Ethics and Recommendations

EG1415 Engineering Professionalism: Nuclear Energy Safety, Waste Disposal, Ethics and Recommendations IntroductionNuclear power has been in existence for a long time. The first nuclear power plant in the United States came online in 1957[1]. Currently nuclear power produces 20% of the world’s energy and is expected to decline to 12% in the next decade [2].… Read More »