My next project!

By | November 25, 2006

I am going to start on this project after my exams. the basic idea is to create a new class of transportation by linking people up. designed a rudimentary logo. It looks much much better than smarty attapy haha. have to congrat myself for this/ at least got improvement. oh ya/ the people symbol right, i can’t get it changes to the purple colour i want. seems like illustrator dun allow you to change the colour. maybe i will photoshop it later

One thought on “My next project!

  1. Anonymous

    come on…..smarty attapy is the best logo i have ever seen…..

    and i only contributed the smarty part leh…in fact that is also u come out one hahaha attapy is u leh and so is that banana phrase…

    and u r such a genius to come out such nice name!! must be proud of it wat…. like me 😀

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