NUSSU’s new logo?

By | November 23, 2006

Found this logo from my first term in EXCO (2004-2005). At that time, an external company, albeit ran by NUS students, were commission to do a new logo for NUSSU. These 3 logos are already among the 2nd version. The first version was radically different and the Exco thought that we should stick to tradition. After all Quaker man (the oat brand) took 10 years to change their logo, how can NUSSU do so in only 1 year. Then last year, a competition was held for a new logo. Of course up to now the winning entry has not been used. I am not sure why. But I guess it is the same reason. Too different.

I think I saw a new logo that has slight change of fonts. Hope Aloy will come up with a logo and set it in stone for ages to come 🙂


One thought on “NUSSU’s new logo?

  1. Xinnie

    why u dun allow anonymous commenter???


    anyway why i din see those logos when i was in term with u…

    somehow i think someone just restrict me with knowledge… haha.

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