Monthly Archives: February 2007

Top Ten Retail Ripoffs

HoHoHo. This article exposes some commonly used promotion and sales tactics that are sure to ruffle your feathers. Sales is a pretty hard job and I guess the salesperson whom doesn’t step down a level from his moral high ground will be unlikely to get a fat paycheck. The problem is hard sales is necessary… Read More »

Top 10 Stock Picks

Hmm… today’s topic is really quite a change from the usual techie stuff. We are getting serious today. Top 10 stock recommendations are everywhere on the internet and most of them are just spam. However I have been using MSN Money Portfolio since 2003 and have seen it go through with many upgrades. Back then,… Read More »

10 Little Tidbits About Our Names

I just discovered an internet applet that displays a chart of the names given to babies since 1880. It is really interesting to see how new names are created as people are increasingly educated and our individualistic culture shows through our selection of names to brand our shelves as a unique individual. See where your… Read More »

Top 10 Ways Not To Die

Dying is bad. It is even worse if your final act of stupidity is mocked in eternity by the internet community. From The Darwin Awards, 1. No Smoking(17 April 2006, England) There’s always someone who thinks good advice doesn’t apply to him. For example, if a doctor advises that the one thing you must not… Read More »