10 Young & Free Web Services you can use on your blog

By | February 23, 2007

These are some pretty unknown web services I have found that you can use to improve the reader’s experience on your blog. Some are quite new and the product is not always well refined, but most of them should be stable.

1. Slide
Allows you to create a slideshow of images in less than 5 minutes! Wonderful for showing off your pictures of yourself/your cat/dog/house/car in your side bar. See my latest Slide Creation here.

2. Sitemeter
Traffic Analysis tool. It is very useful to have an idea of where your traffic is coming from. If it shows “Unknown”. It means that the person has bookmarked your site!

3. BlogPolls.com
Adds polls to your blog. There is some advertising revenue too.

4. FormLogix
Add Forms that help you collect data. For example if you want your readers to send in ideas for the major article you want to write for next week, you can create a form to handle that.

5. Bravenet GuestBook
Allow readers to interact with each other by posting comments and images in the guest book. Interesting to have.

6. FeedBlitz
Some people don’t like RSS. Most readers have no idea what RSS is. FeedBlitz turns blogs and feeds (RSS and Atom) into emails to subscribers to ensure that your post actually get read by more people!

7. TextLinkAds
Its like google Adsense. The reviews about this programs are that the adverts are more relevant hence you get a better payout. However your blog has to have significant traffic before it is approved. There is quality control here.

8. Stock.xchng
Dress up your post with images! You definitely need images so as not to bored your readers. There are plenty of free images to get here. Just do a simple search and the images tagged with your search term will show up.

9. Copy Scape
If you are in college, you know that the work you turn in will be subjected to plagurism test by some online software. Similarly you can use Copyscape to search for your articles that have been copied and sue the hell out of that person. But remember; don’t rant about it on your hot popular blog because you will just be providing free traffic to him.

10. Gabbly
It is something like IRC for your website. Don’t overuse it! Great for medium traffic websites. Too high a traffic and there is too many people talking, too low and no one is around to talk to.