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Top 10 Geek Business Podcast

Podcast are a wonderful technology. Its enables entertainment and information to be carried on the go and you only require partial attention unlike video or text. I usually listen to podcast when I commute or when I am out running. This way, I make full use of my time and learn something instead of doing… Read More »

Top 10 Fashion Suggestions for Nerds

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year! In case you didn’t know, CNY is one of the most important holidays for Chinese. The holiday includes rounds and rounds of visiting family and friends which means meeting a lot of people you did not have the chance to talk to during the year. So one… Read More »

The Top 10 Ways to Earn Money at Home

Of course there are many ways to earn money. The majority of the population makes theirs through jobs. All of us had a job sometime in our life. This list just brings the job home. In essence, you become a 1 man company, you work for and with yourself. However it is not as easy… Read More »

32 Reasons Why Geeks are Severely Underpaid

32 Reasons Why Geeks are Severely Underpaid by Calum CoburnThe full article has 32 points and 5 sections. For your full benefit, I slim down the article to the Top Ten most applicable rules. These rules are not slanted to just IT personnel. They are rules that everyone should use when they are job hunting.… Read More »

Top 10: Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Oh Crap…you woke up today realizing that you can no longer escape the inevitable. It’s valentines day and the expectations of your girlfriend just hit you via a morning text dictating that today will be a wonderful day and she will be so touched. Now that she has set her expectation, you had better get… Read More »