Ten Old Ways To Learn Something New

By | February 26, 2007

If you are surfing to TodaysTen.com from another productivity site, you are in danger of getting stuck in your routine. Its time to try something new! New experiences will bring new problems and also their solutions. Creative people use free exchange of ideas to cross link solutions to create new mash ups of solutions that can solve old problems. That is only one benefit of increasing your areas of knowledge. So try something new today! When was the last time you learnt something new?

1. Learn A New Language
This is a pretty hard thing to do, but the benefits will pay off. Learning a new language opens an entire foreign culture to your perspective. Every culture has a different way of solving problems and interacting. For now, the best languages to learn will be Spanish and Chinese because of the sheer amount of people you will be able to communicate with. Lucky for me, I have only Spanish left to tackle.

2. Talk To Someone You Are Unfamiliar With
Another usually hard thing to do. Most of our social circles are limited to people within our same age range or have similar interests. Interacting with these people will not bring you new experiences and opportunities. There are reasons why networking sessions are so strongly recommended. They bring diverse people together who are interested in meeting more people. Each participant gets multiple opportunities to learn something new, either from the speaker or their peers. If you are less inclined in meeting people, try surfing to some internet forums you have never been to before.

3. Surf to an unknown Website
Alexa provides a list of the top 500 sites in terms of traffic numbers. Choose one that you have never heard of before and dive in. Multiple top sites are in Chinese which is another great reason to get familiarized with the Chinese language

4. Read a best selling book you have no interest in
The fact that it is a bestseller means that at least the quality is assured. Looking at Amazon’s top seller list , I realized that many of the books are in the self improvement category. Try to not select these although you will be interested in them.

5. Take a walk
In the absence of the danger of physical harm, try to take a walk around your neighbor hood. You might just discover something interesting that you have missed because you were driving too fast down the road. You might also rediscover neighbors whom who you forgotten exist!

6. Go to a class
Sign up for a class. Dance classes, hobby related classes seem very popular to people who have a bit more time. They might have something of interest to you too. There are numerous places online to learn something new. One class I am attending now is the Adobe Photoshop CS2: introduction by HP. It is completely online and free too!

7. Get a hobby
Another great way to try something new. Some people also manage to successfully turn their hobby into part time businesses.

8. Listen to a random radio station
Visit podcast alley to see what the popular podcast are. Download one and starting listening to it on your compute now!

9. Read every article in your newspaper
Have you been guilty of scanning article titles and only reading the ones you have interest in? You paid the full price for the newspaper so make full use of it. Read every article. It might take you an entire hour by the price is well spent. Newspaper articles are usually well researched and have quality writing in them. That’s something you won’t find online consistently.

10. Come back to TodaysTen.com everyday
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