Top Ten Retail Ripoffs

By | February 28, 2007

HoHoHo. This article exposes some commonly used promotion and sales tactics that are sure to ruffle your feathers. Sales is a pretty hard job and I guess the salesperson whom doesn’t step down a level from his moral high ground will be unlikely to get a fat paycheck. The problem is hard sales is necessary is many industries. A lot of people are not sure of what they really want to buy. If they are, they would be purchasing the product from an online store instead of going into a store to be pressured. So when you are unsure of what you want, it becomes very hard for a company to sell you anything. Thus a salesperson’s job is to convert that uncertainty to “Yes, I will pay my hard earned cash for that”. Given that most consumer products compete on price and sales, it is not hard to see when salespersons are so competitive and push us so hard.


5. The “Get `Em Saying Yes” Routine – This is easy to spot. You’re asked a series of questions that you will likely answer in the affirmative. “Do you want a car that handles well?” (Who doesn’t?) Is low maintenance cost important to you? (No, I like $150 oil changes.) Is the safety of your family a concern? (No, I just took out a big insurance policy on the whole bunch.) See the pattern? This is supposed to “set you up” to say yes to the all important “closing” question: “Can I get you into this car today?” If you see the pattern developing, throw them a few curves, just for fun – then “just say no!”

This tactic really doesn’t work with a lot of people. Most of us are really apprehensive when we are talking to salespersons. Asking questions like this will only raise our guard with every question that seems like bait. So don’t try this tactic on anymore who is not comfortable with you.

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