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What is World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index? Wikipedia’s Definition“The World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index (NRI) measures the propensity for countries to exploit the opportunities offered by information and communications technology. It is published annually. The NRI seeks to better comprehend the impact of ICT on the competitiveness of nations. The NRI is a… Read More »

10 Predictions That Came True

A network of machines that allow people to talk to each other over continents, cameras that record your every movement and portable media players you carry around with you. Sound familiar? Of course they do because they are part of our everyday life, and yet all of these remarkable gadgets and technologies were mooted a… Read More »

Top 10 Signs of Cancer

An estimated 80 million people will comprise an age group of 65 years and older by the year 2050. Currently 60% of all cancers occur in persons over 65 years of age, and cancer in older people is becoming more common, with an estimated 80% in this population by 2050. A general trend is seen… Read More »