10 Fun Things to do in Second Life

By | March 27, 2007

Second Life is a Virtual world with a rudimentary programming language and content creation tools. Everything is represented in 3 Dimensions. It is very much like our world with only the sense of sight and sound. However there are quite a lot of activities you can occupy yourself with.

1. Build your dream home

Who doesn’t want a dream home? Second life’s land is cheap relative to real land. To build your house, you need to have some understanding of the creation tools. This site has a small video to get you started.

One of the professional created movies from second life. Want to film your own Lost in second life? Start working on the scripts and recruiting actors now!
A lot of people have spent considerable time creating their master pieces of architectural wonders. It’s free to see so go and take a look. Most of them are out of this world.
4. Go-Karts
Want to get an adrenaline rush? Why not try go karting. A form of medium speed racing with some lag included.
5. Sailing
Are Go karts too inducing for you? Try something placid like sailing. Don’t fall asleep though.
6. Play a board game
Remember the old D&D sessions at nights? Relive them in second life. If you are too young for D&D(Dungeons & Dragons), try settlers of Catan instead. The most popular board game after the 125 versions of Monopoly and 87 versions of Risk!

Fulfill your childhood fantasy. If you are a guy, be a prince for a day and charm our dear princess. Horses sold separately.
Lazing around? Try your connections working and seek a job in second life!

9. Hold your own concerts

Are you a rock band or a sunset star in urgent need to some publicity? Holding a second life concert will promote your music to a new demographic. Retro might just still catch on!
10. Get a First Life

Seriously, first life is great! Best of all, it’s free! However there is a time limit on your account and god isn’t going to tell you how much time is left.

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