Monthly Archives: April 2007

10 most commonly used online passwords

In PC Magazine’s upcoming May 8th issue they have listed the top 10 most commonly used passwords online. So in case you are using any one of them change it ASAP.You might also be interested in: 1. password2. 1234563. qwerty4. abc1235. letmein6. monkey7. myspace18. password19. blink18210. (your first name) if you ask me, there is… Read More »

Carnival of Top 10 List #3

Welcome to the April 22, 2007 edition of top ten list carnival. As my regular readers of TodaysTen know, the posting rate has really slowed down. I expect that it will resume around next week. Saturday is the last day of my exams and I will be resuming my daily postings of interesting Top Ten… Read More »

Top 10 Places to get Music Online

What are the great places to get free music online? I have compiled a list of Top 10 places to get music online. They are free and sorted according to their Alexa ranking. Free music is cool because we know piracy ain’t right and we are no pirates to download illegal music right? Personally, I… Read More »

Carnival of Top 10 List #2

Yup, the 2nd edition of Carnvial of Top 10 list is up and late by a week. My apologies. I could make a Top 10 Reasons for being late but I guess this will intefere with my Top 10 Reasons to start studying for exams now. Also unlike the last carnvial which was in the… Read More »