Carnival of Top 10 List #2

By | April 8, 2007

Yup, the 2nd edition of Carnvial of Top 10 list is up and late by a week. My apologies. I could make a Top 10 Reasons for being late but I guess this will intefere with my Top 10 Reasons to start studying for exams now. Also unlike the last carnvial which was in the form of a story, I will simply list them here.

My highlight of the week are
Top 10 Surprising Results of Global Warming
10 Hot Jobs In Big Demand: How My Job Stacks Up ยป Silicon Valley Blog About Money

The other are pretty interesting too and you should check em out.

Ten Supercharged Active Listening Skills To Make You More Successful (self improvment!)

Ten Gym Annoyances (humour in here)

Top Ten Movies With Pizza Delivery Scenes (A Far Flung Top 10 list. Is this submission written specially for my carnvial? I will be so honoured if that is so)

Top 10 Brain Teasers (great for a study break)

MY Top Ten Favorite Things Irish.(Irish Beer anyone?)

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