Top 10 Paying Topics on Adsense

By | April 16, 2007

Adsense is a way many bloggers earn money. Some bloggers deliberately write content according to the best paying types of keywords. Instead of quantity, they aim for quality. I took a look at the Top paying list and am pretty amazed that some companies would actually pay so much for just a click. The keywords vary but I have grouped them since it is easier to write for a group to topics instead of writing for keywords.

Interesting many of the top paying keywords are in the Financial, Medical and Legal industries. I guess these industries are really high margin and they can recover their cost from just having one customer. It also reflects a very American market as the products are heavily slanted towards the needs of the American consumer.

Top 10 Paying Topics for Adsense
1 . Loans
2. Attorney
3. Insurance
4. mesothelioma (a form of illness brought about by asbestos)
5. Lasik
6. credit cards
7. refinance
8. domain name
9. Singles ( in the context of dating)
10. Plastic Surgery

To see the full list, click here

Another thing that I would like to point out is that the highest paying keywords do not mean that a lot of people search for them. In fact these keywords do not even appear in the Top 10 Search terms. If you see here, you will see that most of the searches are about brands and have nothing to do with the above. This means that traffic to such a site dedicated to a high paying keywords might be too little to justify your effort. People will also not bother linking their blogs or websites to you as very little people are actually interested in reading or blogging about the topics above.

My personal feel is that the top paying keywords represent a shady but profitable part of both online and offline business word. However instead of having an entire site dedicated to the topics above, perhaps a better strategy will to do occasional post about the topics on your blog.

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