Top 10 Places to get Music Online

By | April 9, 2007

What are the great places to get free music online? I have compiled a list of Top 10 places to get music online. They are free and sorted according to their Alexa ranking. Free music is cool because we know piracy ain’t right and we are no pirates to download illegal music right? Personally, I have been using Pandora but I got sick of having to choose the artist that I want to be played. I would prefer a normal station that just plays nice music. Then I discover finetunes and felt in love with the 1980’s station. I have no idea I was that retro but I really like the music in that era. Maybe it is the sublimal affection of music when I was still a baby. Also recently I discovered which for the first time in an online station actually had chinese pop music! A rare find…but somehow I couldn’t find the station/person that played Chinese pop the next day so I went back to my 1980’s hits. If anyone knows where to find chinese music online, please do drop me a comment. Thanks!

Top 10 Places to get Music Online
Name ( Ranking)
1. last.Fm (350)
The world’s largest social music platform

2. RadioBlogClub (591) Music

3. (864)
Online Community and Music Band Blogs

4. Pandora Internet Radio – Find New Music, Listen to Free Web Radio1,329
Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites.

5. iLike (2,768)
The iLike Sidebar for iTunes* scans your music library, recommends new music, and helps you connect musically with your friends

6. (13,739)
trade CDs for $1

7. Haystack – Music Powered By People (18,240) (“Haystack”) is a social music community connecting passionate fans to music through Tastemakers and friends.

8. MOG (16,278)
MOG is an online community where music lovers can discover people through music and music through people.

9. Musicovery : interactive webRadio (25,953)
Discover new music based on your mood, this free webradio let you browse music styles and epochs.

10. FineTune (27,129)
A revolutionary online music service where you can discover new music, create playlists, and organize your favorite artists and albums using descriptive…

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  1. Anonymous

    You could also check out The Filter which is a free download from”

    It is a bit like Pandora, but works with your own music collection.

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