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Top Ten List Carnival #5

Hi Readers, welcome to the May 27, 2007 edition of Top Ten List Carnival. It is still amazing to me how many bloggers are writing their post in Top Ten List formats. Top Ten List are simple to follow for the reader and an effective way to share an experience with the readers of your… Read More »

10 Signs You Have Grown Up

1. You think of the consequences before you act. 2. You find it hard to spend as you know that earning money is not that easy as spending money. 3. You realise that time is precious and you do not have much left. 4. You get the idea that things you done 1 year ago… Read More »

10 Reasons to Get a Widescreen Monitor

If you are coming here from Digg and is looking for “Top 10 TV shows on EZTV“, the story has been wrongly linked. Click here instead. 10 Reasons to Get a Widescreen Monitor Slowly but surely. Widescreen Monitors are taking over the world. Why are widescreens better than normal screen monitors? Here are 10 Reasons… Read More »

Carnival of Top 10 List #4

Welcome to the May 6, 2007 edition of top ten list carnival. This edition is rather interesting. Of personal interest is the post about insurance from Silicon Valley Blogger(10 Tips On Life and Disability Insurance: How And Why We’re Getting More). I am going to Silicon Valley around the end July for my 1 year… Read More »

Top 10 List Collection #1

Hi readers, in my bid to widen your areas of interest, I have come up with a great idea. Every Saturday, I will be linking to numerous Top 10 list that I have read and came across. Hopefully you will find them interesting. America’s Top 50 JobsJobs that are both growing faster than the average… Read More »

Top 10 TV shows on EZTV

Eztv is the world’s largest bittorrent distribution site for TV shows. I personally watch Lost, Heroes, Prison Break and 24. Heroes is probably the best show so far. The plot twist and turns even more than Lost. Every episode is a roller coaster ride for me. I am still watching Lost as the first season… Read More »

10 Things I Learnt From Blogging

1. Traffic Peaks On WeekdaysWeekdays are the times when my blog gets most of the traffic. Weekends are really slow with traffic dropping by 25%. Before I started blogging, I thought that the opposite was true. I guess many people do surf the Internet while they should be at work. 2. Blogger Is Great But… Read More »