10 Reasons to Get a Widescreen Monitor

By | May 15, 2007

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10 Reasons to Get a Widescreen Monitor

Slowly but surely. Widescreen Monitors are taking over the world. Why are widescreens better than normal screen monitors? Here are 10 Reasons that you should get a Widescreen instead of a 4:3 Screen.

1. Movies

DVDs, HDTV all come in widescreen format now. With a regular monitor, you are just resizing the image and the image appears less large because it can’t fit on your normal size monitor. Widescreen Monitors on the other hand, fill up almost every pixel so you can sit further away and get that cinematic effect.
2. Windows Vista

With Windows Vista, Native widesreen support is included into the OS. XP has support for Widescreen too but it doesn’t take advantage of it a lot. At least the sidebar dock in Vista uses the extra space that comes from a widescreen monitor.

3. Games

Computer games used to come in normal screen format only. Not anymore though. Most games have true widescreen now. This means that the images are not streched or cut off. Instead your viewing area becomes more natural and realistically mirrors that of your eyes.
4. Periperhal vision

Evolution has made us more alert of things are the side or us instead of above and below us. Predators traditionally comes from the sides, not the top of trees. So when you get a widescreen monitor compared to a normal screen monitor, you are actually more alert to the information on the screen.
5. Supports PS3, Xbox360

The new generation of console games are meant to run on a widescreen monitor. It does no justice to use them on a normal screen monitor. If you have a screen for both your computer and console, widescreen is the only way to go.
6. Side by Side Documents

With widescreen monitors, you are skip the alt tabbing when comparing documents. A picture speaks a thousand words. 2 Pictures side by side saves you a thousand Alt Tab

7. Tilt

Some widescreen monitors come with an adjustable stand. You can tilt it 90deg to get a book like effect. This is very useful when reading ebooks or long documents.

8. See it the way it is meant to be seen

9. Looks Cool

When was the last time you see a normal screen in the sci fi movie??? Widescreen are cool!

10. It’s time

The trend is towards widescreens and the phasing out of normal screens. As media formats move towards widescreen monitors, you may find yourself at a disadvantage if you still have only a normal size screen.

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