10 Signs You Have Grown Up

By | May 19, 2007

1. You think of the consequences before you act.

2. You find it hard to spend as you know that earning money is not that easy as spending money.

3. You realise that time is precious and you do not have much left.

4. You get the idea that things you done 1 year ago feel extremely retarded to you now.

5. You start getting wedding invites.

6. When you meet up with friends, the topics goes like this “Last time”, “In the past” , ” Remember that time when we…”.

7. You suddenly ask yourself what is the meaning/purpose of your life.

8. You can do something you do not like everyday even when there is no one pushing you to do it.

9. You see other kids and you ask either 1) How old they are, 2) Where they are studying.

10. You forgot what it is like to be a kid and how irrating adults can be when they all ask the same questions.

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