10 Things I Learnt From Blogging

By | May 3, 2007

1. Traffic Peaks On Weekdays
Weekdays are the times when my blog gets most of the traffic. Weekends are really slow with traffic dropping by 25%. Before I started blogging, I thought that the opposite was true. I guess many people do surf the Internet while they should be at work.

2. Blogger Is Great But WordPress Is Better
For all the aspiring bloggers out there, I would highly recommending using WordPress. Compared to Blogger, WordPress has more 3rd party widgets that can expand the functionality of your blog. However on WordPress, you cannot use a custom domain name unless you pay a fee.

3. It Is Hard To Write Content
Quality content takes up a considerable time to write. At the start, I had no idea that blogging will take the amount of time I have invested into TodaysTen . However I still think it is worth while to maintain my blog as I am able to effectively share my knowledge with anyone interested.

4. You Can Run Out Of Things To Write
When I started, I figure a post a day isn’t that hard. However 3 months into my first blogging attempt, TodaysTen has fifty-one posts of which forty which are entirely self written. I have shared so much of my knowledge that I have almost given out everything that I know. Everyday I wake up and wonder what I should write about today.

5. 100 pple = $1
After studying my Ad revenue and reading about what other typical blogs make, I have come to learn that 100 visitors translates to about $1 in advertisement revenue. As they say, have another 100 blogs and you will get a pretty decent income.

6. It Is Addictive To Watch Your Stat Counter
Blogging becomes like a game with an addiction. At the start when TodaysTen was young, I was constantly checking my sitemeter to see where and how much traffic was streaming in. Seeing your page views shoot up is akin to the satisfaction achieved from leveling in World of Warcraft. Like most addictions, the high wears off after a while. Now I refresh my Adsense page more than the sitemeter page instead.

7. The Rush You Get When You Get Linked
A sense of excitement sweeps you when you get linked by sites with substantially more visitors than you get. My first experience was on thestreet.com. TheStreet is a site I read everyday and I was so moved that I got onto their blogwatch column. The second was by an Australian newspaper. They sent me almost 2000 visitors in 1 day doubling the Page views I had at the point of time.

8. People Translate Your Stuff And Put It On Their Site
I got some of my post translated to Italian and Spanish. Even though they give me credit at the end of the article, I am not completely comfortable with them copying my entire text. This is pretty much a gray area. I cannot do anything anyway so I just let it be and be honored that someone took the effort to translate my article.

9. It Took 2 Months For Google To Start Sending People To TodaysTen
2 months! It took 2 months before I noticed Google sending me readers who were using their search engine. Bloggers call it the “Google Chasm”. Today I get 70-90 people from Google going mainly to articles that are more than a week old. If you intend to run a blog, do have some patience as it will take time before you have enough content to be picked up by the search engines. I haven’t been picked up by Yahoo or other search engines. I wonder if it is because I am using blogger.

10. Associated Content Is Great To Get Started
Adsense really does not cut it for small blogs like mine. The revenue is glacially slow to say the least. Associated content has made me more money than Adsense so far. It is a great service where you get paid for content you write. Great for small time bloggers as the return is the highest you can get from writing content. (ps: if you want to sign up, please do use my ref link :Associated Content- Sign Up)

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  1. Susan


    Great post and you are so right on your 10 items. I can attest that I went through each of them.

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    The post will go live tonight at midnight (EDT). I hope you take the time to click over and read the other submissions and comment on the edition as a whole. This is my first time hosting a blog carnival and I must say I feel it was a great success.

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Also, we are still looking for a host for next week’s carnival, why not drop your name in the hat? 🙂

  2. Johnny Cash

    Great post. You speak most of the things in my6 mind although my blog never got linked by some big web site like thestreet.com. About two months ago, when one of my post got mentioned by the Thinking Blog and Kumiko Suzuki’s cash quest (both are upstart new blogs but got lots of readers quickly), I got very excited as well

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