Top 10 List Collection #1

By | May 5, 2007

Hi readers, in my bid to widen your areas of interest, I have come up with a great idea. Every Saturday, I will be linking to numerous Top 10 list that I have read and came across. Hopefully you will find them interesting.

America’s Top 50 Jobs
Jobs that are both growing faster than the average for total employment (13.0 percent) and have annual earnings above median of $28,770.
1. Registered nurses: $52,330
2. Postsecondary teachers: $51,800
3. General and operations managers: $77,420
4. Elementary school teachers, except special education: $43,160
5. Accountants and auditors: $50,770
6. Business operation specialists, all other: $53,460
7. Computer software engineers, applications: $74,980
8. Maintenance and repair workers, general: $30,710
9. Carpenters: $34,900
10. Computer systems analysts: $66,460

Pictures of 10 Fake Brands in China
China is reknown for its abundance of fake goods. Here are some pictures showing some obvious fakes. Worth a look because somehow its so obviously fake, its funny

Top 10 Strangest Robots
Comes with video and pictures. Robotics have a great potential but somehow all the scientist are intented on making them human like. I think we are just wasting our time trying to make them human like. The focus should be finding places where specialised robots can help us. The most prevelant robot now is the “Roomba”, a moving dish that is a vaccumm cleaner. We do not need a humanoid to mop the floor. We just need a disk on wheels. I guess human vanity is warping our perceptions for the ideal robot.

10 Geeky Gifts for Mom Under $50
Ya, I know. Geeky Moms are so rare that it is about as easy as finding a 5.25 floppy nowadays. Nevertheless, here are so gift ideas for your geeky moms!

So this ends the Top 10 List Collection #! Hope you have enjoyed it. Do check out my other articles and carnvials where other Top 10 Lists are featured.

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