10 Reasons to Drink Water

By | June 26, 2007

1.Because of the thirst. The water balance is strongly linked to the electrolyte levels (mineral salts blood concentration). The sodium level in the blood is a good indicator of the existing water quantity. When it is very high, the body retains water to dilute the sodium excess: then thirst installs itself and less urine is produced.

2.Because of the temperature. Heat, humidity and exercising increase the water requirements, that’s why the ingestion of
liquids during summer or when exercising should be increased. An adult needs one supplementary water liter for each exercising

3.For the kidney. To prevent and eliminate the renal calculi there is nothing better than water, preferably bottled. This works also for chronic urinary infections.

4.For the skin. Aging is associated with the water loss by the organism. The correct hydration favors a smooth and young skin.

5.For eliminating toxins. Water is actively involved in all biochemical reactions of the cell and degrades the fats. The diets rich in proteins require larger water amounts.

6.For diuresis. Besides hydrating, water ingestion increases the elimination of liquids from the organism. Alcoholic drinks, too, can do it, but they cannot be a substitute for the lost water. Instead, juices can do it.

7.Because of the age. In the elders, the thirst sensation is less intensive, especially if they do not move or suffer from dementia. Their kidneys concentrate less the urine, retaining less effectively the water. That’s why they must drink a cup of water at every two hours.

8.Because of the vomits. The most frequent causes of dehydration (vomits, diarrhea and fever) cause a loss of electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, besides water. There can be lost up to 4 liters daily in case of severe vomiting or diarrhea, that’s why salts must be replaced. In this case isotonic drinks or alkaline solutions are recommended.

9.Because of the diabetes. The only symptoms of the diabetes insipidus are the exaggerated thirst and the excessive urine amount. It can start gradually or suddenly at every age and it is the result of a deficiency of antidiuretic hormones, which limit the production of excessive urine. A person can drink enormous amounts (4 to 30 liters) of liquid to compensate the loss produced by so much urine.

10.For pleasure. Many complain they consume huge amounts of liquids after consuming tea or coffee, as caffeine makes them urinate with a higher frequency. Coffee, tea and other beverages cannot substitute water.

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