10 Steps to get a Great Reference for your Next Job

By | June 20, 2007

Employers check references because they need a second opinion on their potential hire. Everyone should have references. But how do you get a great references that will outshine the others? Here is a simple 10 Step tutorial to get consistent and presentable references from your previous colleagues.

  1. Find a suitable referee. They are generally people whom have work with you in a professional capacity. Examples can include direct manager, peers or clients.
  2. Arrange for a meeting or phone conversation with your referee. Review questions that may be asked
  3. Tell your referee about the kind of job you are seeking. Ask if he is comfortable recommending you for such a position. Give hi a copy of your resume, clarify your accomplishments and answer questions he may have
  4. Suggest to our referee that you would appreciate strong recommendations in the key areas and traits mentioned above
  5. Ask the referee what he thinks about your weaknesses or developmental areas, for example:” May I ask you what you think my developmental needs are, so that you and I are consistent?”
  6. With former bosses, clarify reasons for leaving. Tell them what you are saying and ask if they are comfortable saying that as wel. You are not asking your referee to lie. You merely need a congruent story as reasons for leaving may be vague at times
  7. Write a summary so your referee can refer to it. The summary should consist of key points raised during your conversation and the traits and strengths, developmental needs and reasons for leaving
  8. Tell your referee who will be getting in touch with him so he is not surpired when the call comes. Even better, schedule the call yourself if possible
  9. Gain your referee’s commitment to call you if anyone contacts him
  10. Keep your referee posted on your job search.

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