10 Ways to Identify Your Asset Worth To Your Company

By | June 6, 2007

Are you an asset to your company? In a company, everyone occupies a niche that he excels in. What niche are you fulfilling n your company? Here are 10 easy ways to identity your role.

1) A client requests to deal only with you
Strong client relationship
2) You are asked to take over a failing project halfway.
Proven ability to deliver results under difficult conditions
3) You are sought to undertake a very specific task
Unique talent and ability
4) You are asked to run your company’s first foreign operation
Loyalty and trustworthiness
5) You are selected to attend you company’s high potential assessment centre Demonstrated high potential
6) Your boss makes mention of you to his superior
Ability to contribute to higher management’s success
7) You are asked if you want to be part of the company’s expansion plan
Potential to be developed
8) Your company has to call you back when a problem crops us, even when you are on leave
Vast experience and knowledge to deal with problems
9) There is a company award and your name comes first to the mind of the management
Key contribution to the company’s success
10) You are asked to resolve people and cultural issues
Diplomacy in resolving sensitive people and cultural issues

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