10 Ways To Make Others 10 Scientific findings about Happiness

By | December 26, 2007

Written by Varshaa Negi from NUSSU Hooked

Have we become self obsessed? Has it become all about our happiness? I don’t think so. The most rewarding thing, even today, is to see someone you care about happy. Here are ten ways how one can contribute to increase the happiness of the world around.

10. Appreciate people. Make each day special for them. All it takes is for you to compliment their new hairstyle, that day’s attire or just their pretty smile. Yes, everyone has a pretty smile.

9. Crack a joke in the middle of a tense situation. Easing an uptight situation can be the biggest support one can show to others.

8. Be a good listener. Let people complete their conversation. Speech maybe silver, but silence is golden.

7. Do not keep others waiting. Acknowledge the person’s value. Just being on time for a meeting, get together, party or dinner can make someone’s day. On the contrary, the failure to do so can break someone’s enthusiasm towards the following event.

6. Use the 3 magic words – Please, Sorry and Thank you – these are capable of metamorphosing any difficult situation.

5. Be the ice-breaker. Be it between common friends or your own friend and yourself. The problem understood is the equivalent to the problem solved.

4. Give a big teddy hug to people who deserve it and the people who need it. You will be surprised by the kind of wound a hug can heal.

3. Go out of your way to help others. Reach out a little from your comfort zone, and you might just be helping someone find his/her meaning in life.

2. Be generous with your praise. If they’ve done well, be quick to give them a pat on the back, so that they will know what they have done right! Besides, it will definitely lift their spirits, even at work!

1. Keep yourself happy. Enjoy life and smile often. If you look closely, there’s a lot to smile about in life. So smile, and then you can spread the joy. hooked

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