Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Tagxe has left

Hi Tagxe Users, Tagxe will be closing its website today. At time of death, we are exactly 1 year old and we have 1,493 registered users and 349 rides created. However on our key benchmark of our success, we have no successful ride that we have matched up so far. ,We envisioned Tagxe to change… Read More »

FedEx Logo – Can you see it?

No? how about a different colour? or a 3d one? Still no? arrow down for the answer /**/ There! and a little web 2.0 bonus

Great Name for your Location Based startup

Hi, I bought I wanted to use it for a coupon search type application on the phone wiht LBS functionality. I have however decided to pursue another startup instead. If you want to buy this, just contact me!

ShrtCards: Simplify Your Business Card

Business Cards have a lot of information now a days. People’s contact and interest are listed in multiple profiles across the internet. We have a ton of ways for someone to contact us(IM, Phone, Emails, Social networks etc) ShrtCards provides you a simple contact page that you maintain. When you pass out business cards with… Read More »

What a scam!

So i was on trying to get quotes for clone sites that I could buy and spin off. Then I got this message from this dude who is clearly out of his mind…I am going to play along with him just to see his response. Message on Project Posted! dkmisra has just posted a… Read More »