ShrtCards: Simplify Your Business Card

By | June 5, 2008

Business Cards have a lot of information now a days. People’s contact and interest are listed in multiple profiles across the internet. We have a ton of ways for someone to contact us(IM, Phone, Emails, Social networks etc)

ShrtCards provides you a simple contact page that you maintain.

When you pass out business cards with the ShrtCard code, the recievers can just go online and enter www.ShrtCard/XXXXX to see your contact details.

ShrtCard is not searchable nor indexable so only people with the ShrtCard Code can see your contact.

On the ShrtCard Contact Card, you can import the contact to various contact managers (outlook, gmail etc)
I thought of this idea when I was…

Trying to design a simple name card with just my name and my website where users can find the ways to contact me.

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ShrtCards: Simplify Your Business Card


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