The Tagxe has left

By | June 19, 2008

Hi Tagxe Users,
Tagxe will be closing its website today. At time of death, we are exactly 1 year old and we have 1,493 registered users and 349 rides created. However on our key benchmark of our success, we have no successful ride that we have matched up so far.

,We envisioned Tagxe to change the world (as all entrepreneurs doJ). But our efforts seemed to have fallen short of the required critical mass for Tagxe to be a self sustaining system. The main reason for stopping Tagxe was that the team has decided to move on with other ventures.  (Also our 1 year hosting plan has ceased)

We will be redirecting to the Tagxe forum. Some users have already started using it to organize rides so I guess this will suffice as an interim solution until a real solution can be created by someone else. One key thing that will be missing is that you will no longer get ride notifications when a ride is created.

We would like to thank all of you for being the early adopters of a vision that tried to make everyone’s lives easier. We would also like to thank TagxeBoy ( for being our most enthusiastic user and also for volunteering to be the forum moderator.

Wenhan says: To the Tagxe Team(Yee Han & Patrick): Thanks for helping out in Tagxe. You guys are great housemates and team mates. We are glad that we have tried to make a dent in the universe. I will be moving on to my next venture which will be my final year project that will be my start-up concept (think with local and personally relevant stories). For those who want an invite, check here.

Yee Han says: I will be focusing on my studies and continuing my passion for photography. It has been a great time learning and working with Wenhan and Patrick.

Patrick says: I plan to get married in 2 years time.

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8 thoughts on “The Tagxe has left

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  2. bb

    this was and still is a great idea! just that there wasn’t a critical mass to get people matched. it is a pity, next to car pooling, cab pooling is green, cost efficient and will gives all those lonely souls new friends. good luck in your next venture, if it is as smart as this, it has a great chance of success …

  3. Louis

    Hi, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to create Tagxe, the concept was great but i guess there are a few things that needs to be worked on. Try a regular carpooling website instead, i am trying so hard to get someone who drives and works around cbd area to drive me to work (at a charge) for the longest time..

  4. Junie

    i’ve not successfully gotten a cab pool up but i think its a fabulous idea given the increasing cost in taxi fares. its a real pity the web site has to go instead of being enhanced. However, thank you for all the developers for the great idea. All the best.

  5. Huu Bang

    I’m quite sad to hear this. It was a brilliant idea and you guys were keen on implementing it, which I appreaciated a great deal. It’s a pity to say goodbye now but I wish that someone else will continue the work that you guys have done so far.

    All the best,


  6. Shannon

    Sorry to hear that Tagxe is shutting down. You guys made a great effort at it. All the best for your future ventures!


    Sadness indeed. I’m behind you guys all the way! Though i didn’t have a proper match, i’ve had a couple of nearly-matched. I’d have contacted the other party, only that there appeared to be a problem with the website at that time. Thus, the contact number couldn’t be published.
    Pity. Or i might actually be the first ever to get a successful match. 🙁

  8. Praj

    Coincidentally we are embarking on exactly such an idea of cab sharing although in
    the USA. Our vision is where a web/mobile based marketplace can match demand
    and supply of public transportation and take 800 million miles off the road from the
    roughly 4 trillion miles driven here, in a year.

    We’d like to discuss your experiences so we can learn from them and get
    a cab sharing system working here. Would you please reply to me privately so we
    may learn from you?


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