Hmm…so how do I improve

By | November 14, 2008

Ok…so I have step on a minefield and it blew off my legs…

I am making sure this does not happen again so I am inviting food bloggers to give me suggestions here just so I know what they are thinking.

There are a few things that I hope I can be more clear about.

1) Do you all really mind the linking of your blog post from other places?

2) How do you view food blog aggregators like and

3) What is your primary motivation for writing a food blog

4) Who is your target audience for your blog?

4 thoughts on “Hmm…so how do I improve

  1. ice

    I will only answer question no. 2 and thereafter you do your own reflections like ivan had recommended you to. and are successful and ethical because the bloggers allowed it voluntary. and other food review sites are working because reviews are submitted voluntary. What you did was to do take things into your own hands after which TTHEN you inform the bloggers. You did not ask.

  2. Wenhan Post author

    Hi, I am doing some research by asking the bloggers I have already linked to now.

    I think our difference arises because of our different views on how the web operates. For example you think that by linking to your blog post I am stealing your data. However if that is the case, Google’s model is also unethical because that is what they do.(Currently my model is similar to Google’s: We index and link to your site by showing the opening paragraph of your blog post)

    Another example of linking is how Digg works. Digg users submit other people’s content. Submitting your own content is viewed as “unethical”.

    Just from these 2 examples, I hope you can see that there are differences in the perception of linking. I also did a google search on “do I need permission to link”.

    here is a summary of the results.

    1) You do not need permission to link.
    2) Blogs usually want links.
    3) You can copy content as long as it is fair use(i.e: not using too much).
    4) You should remove the link if asked by the publisher.

    From the research I have implemented a new policy

    1) When I link to a blog, I will inform the owner. This is currently done on a weekly basis. The owner can choose to remove his links if he wants to.

    2) I am limiting the amount of characters copied to 300 char. If I don’t put any opening paragraph, I doubt any readers will click on the link to the blogger’s review.

    3) I am working on a block list to prevent people from submitting blog reviews from blogs where owners already indicated that they do not want to be link.

    Of course I haven’t gotten all the response from the bloggers whom have been linked so thats the policy above is based on the 3 conclusion I got from the google search above.

    I am open to change but I just want to make sure I have the correct data. I will monitor the situation and update accordingly as I get the responses.

  3. ice

    2. My blog doesn’t need links. Anybody can google and find my blog through that means. Thanks anyway.
    3. I think that’s plagiariam if you do not quote your source.
    4. You should remove my link as requested by myself.


  4. Wenhan Post author

    2. Yes. I am just making it easier for the casual readers who do not actually follow food blogs everyday.
    3. Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, One does have to quote the source. I do quote the source. I also link to the source too. right now its a “more” link. How do you think that can be improved?
    4. Yes I have already removed all your links and Ivans too since both of you do not like the service, There is nothing I can do to convince you otherwise. Mian qiang shi mei you xing fu de. (There is no happiness in forcing)

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