Monthly Archives: January 2009

Hougang Minced Meat Fishball Noodles (NUS)

   It’s one of the new stores in NUS. BTW: if you think Engine food still sucks, then you might not have been to Engine canteen for a long time. Most of the stalls there are very very and in IMHO engine probably has the best canteen food in NUS now. This is a great… Read More »

CS3216: Platforms

So I have decided to take a new format to writing the CS3216 blogs. You can still find the overview of the class below but they will be in raw typed notes. Instead I will be digging deep into an issue that the class brought up in my mind. In the class, it’s about developing… Read More »

CS3216 First Lesson

  Intro To CS3216  (For Non – CS3216 Readers)  This is a module that teaches how to develop applications on various platforms. In this semester, it will be using the Facebook API, Facebook connect and Microsoft WPF(Probably mainly silverlight). Students work in small teams of 4-5 for 3 assignments and 1 final project. For assignment… Read More »