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UI Suggestions: Facebook Application: Get Help

Overall the new Project Page is too hard to post a new project. I am not sure if the fields below are required but it seems that the fields below are probably unnecessary as they will not help a giver to decide if he would want to help the reciever.          … Read More »

Wooh! after 3 tries MallMent is in Da Store!

iTunes Link   From Ever got lost in a mall? Wondering where that Food court, Levis store or MacDonalds was? I have certainly have and that is why I created MallMent. MallMent is an iPhone application that helps you navigate in increasingly large and horribly layout malls.   It includes · Location Sensing of… Read More »

10 things to know before you pitch a VC for money The Summary It is about you What do the VC wants to know about you Integrity – That you are honest and the company is legit Passion – That you are fired up about your idea Experience – That you have some experience in getting a company and product up and selling Knowledge –… Read More »

Blogger Food Review: Japanese Express @ NUS

  This is another new stall in NUS Engine Canteen. In fact it just opened 2 weeks ago. It replaced that horrible Nonya store that always had no queue. I went there twice in the last six months and they always didn’t have what I wanted so I was forced to compromise on whatever they… Read More »

Graffiti Revenue Estimation

Firstly here is my simple excel table on how the revenue numbers was generated that I mentioned in the Graffiti Presentation. One can debate about the numbers and estimations but that is the beauty of having a financial model. A model breaks down assumptions and helps you reach a reasonable value for each of the… Read More »