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By | February 16, 2009


Overall the new Project Page is too hard to post a new project. I am not sure if the fields below are required but it seems that the fields below are probably unnecessary as they will not help a giver to decide if he would want to help the reciever.







Confusing Nav Bar system: I thought top is main navigation and side is sub nav of main sections. But when I reache this section, it doesn’t look so because overview is not part of the main nav system


Examine a helper’s state of mind right now because this is where you will likely see call for help request

2 questions are abound in a potential giver’s mind

1) Can I help him – Do I have sufficient Knowledge to help him (Yes/No/Maybe)

2) Do I want to help him? – This is more complex as it involves my resource and my likeness for the person and many more variables since everyone thinks in a different way

How does the app help answer the 2 questions?

Can I help him? If title is descriptive then this answer can be answered easily. If not the giver has to read the description which is a page away. Should the description be directly below the feed?

DO I want to help him? : If he is your friend, then giver can make decision internally. If not friend, then there is no clue if this person is worth helping.


Interaction Cycle

Interaction Cycle

Overview:The goal is to connect people together. 1 with the need(Reciever) and 1 with the skill(Giver)

Therefore you have to start with 1 type of person first and hope the other will come.

So which one should be the first?(Reciever or the Giver)

Here the developers have chosen to start with the Reciever. People in need post their problems and hope people with skill will see their call for help. 

What considerations should be used to determine whether to be giver centric / reciever centric?

1) Which is easier to accquire?

Givers are easier to accquire because skills have more staying power than problems.

The number of people with skills are also more than those with problems at a given time.

People who post their availablitiy on apps like these are also more willing to actually give help

2) will the latter follow with the first group?

When a person has problem, he will engage is solution searching mode which means they are likely to find your app. If there are givers, then the reciever can connect with the givers. If there are no givers, the reciever has to post his problem.

When a person has a skill, he does not engage is listing his skills everywhere but waits to be reached out to. So even if the app has receivers, it needs a huge polling effort to find givers.

User Encouragement

There needs to be some form of economy so those who help can get help in the future. In my image posted above, I propose an economy based on reputation points where givers and recievers can exchange points for help. This will be useful in deciding if someone should be helped and also allow the giver to exchange his help for help from others in the future.



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  1. Kent

    I propose an economy based on reputation points where givers and recievers can exchange points for help.

    -> very true. you can see this in the current application 😀

    i liked your interaction cycle a lot!


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