Objective UI Design

By | March 3, 2009


UI design Case Study

UI design is important but how do you get feedback from your users? One could do user testing sessions and users will tell you what they do not like. However how do you quantify which UI is better? So this blogpost is just an awareness blog post to let you know that AB testing exist and is used in many large websites (especially with e-commerce sites)

This is where testing comes in. Web A/B testing in short is dynamically changing some parts of the website and measuring the users’ responses towards a goal.

Example: Shopping cart

Goal: Increase click through for add to cart

Measure: Number of clicks on add to cart

Change: buy button color (red/Blue)

Software like google web optimiser helps you do this. Basically it helps you randomly swap the 2 images (red Add to cart vs blue Add to Cart) over a sample size and meaure the page conversion.

In this way you will know which the BETTER approach is.

Art vs Science

Measurement and testing is the science part. But before there is the ART part.

Art part (use common sense)

1.      At least a working system

2.      Need to determine what your goal is

3.      Determine what the measurement is

4.      The variations