App Store Optimisation 101

Cross post from a blog post + iOS Dev Scout event happening today where I talk about App Store Optimisations. Check out the full blog post at 2359 Media’s blog (My digital consultancy who’s mission is to create business value through digital experience engineering)

The top mistake clients make when building their app

This is a excerpt from a presentation given at CommunicaAsia 2013 on Why Apps fail. The presentation covered more items than what I have blogged here and you can download the original slides here. The topic was: Top 10 Mistakes Clients Make When Building Their App – How did your app turn out to be… Read More »

Phones in Asia: A Mobile Marketing Perspective

Understanding the present The Asia Pacific region is a market of more than 2 Billion people and there are many countries within the region. The size and differences means that agencies do not have an easy time targeting and creating ads for this region. Therefore agencies typically deal with the fragmented region by having local… Read More »

What the iPad will be

/* Disclaimer: This will sound very Apple Fan boy like!!! I really meant for the article to show that most people need a simpler computer. The iPad with all its hype right now is a great example of what could be */ The iPad is an oversized iPod Touch. There I said it and I… Read More »

The Last Post(no Pun intended)

  Firstly I have not been diligent in blogging for both CS3216 and for my own blog. CS3216 is coming to an end and it is time for a blog post that wraps up everything. This is probably the only course in NUS that teaches soft skills although you learnt a lot of other stuff.… Read More »

Systems Engineering

For myself, I can’t really differentatite between Modularity, Decomposition, Abstraction and SoC. In my mind, Modularity is the over arching princinple. Abstraction is the depth of modularity and SoC is the width of modularity Anyway there are a lot of similariteis between software design and organisational design, so much so that when the design is… Read More »

Objective UI Design

  UI design Case Study UI design is important but how do you get feedback from your users? One could do user testing sessions and users will tell you what they do not like. However how do you quantify which UI is better? So this blogpost is just an awareness blog post to let you… Read More »

UI Suggestions: Facebook Application: Get Help

Overall the new Project Page is too hard to post a new project. I am not sure if the fields below are required but it seems that the fields below are probably unnecessary as they will not help a giver to decide if he would want to help the reciever.          … Read More »

Wooh! after 3 tries MallMent is in Da Store!

iTunes Link   From Ever got lost in a mall? Wondering where that Food court, Levis store or MacDonalds was? I have certainly have and that is why I created MallMent. MallMent is an iPhone application that helps you navigate in increasingly large and horribly layout malls.   It includes · Location Sensing of… Read More »