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10 Things I Learnt From Blogging

1. Traffic Peaks On WeekdaysWeekdays are the times when my blog gets most of the traffic. Weekends are really slow with traffic dropping by 25%. Before I started blogging, I thought that the opposite was true. I guess many people do surf the Internet while they should be at work. 2. Blogger Is Great But… Read More »

Carnival of Top 10 List

Today I woke up and discover that somehow my internet access was blocked. I wondered why. Was it because I made one of the 10 mistakes in a conversation listed by The Positivity Blog ? Luckily I have a way around blocked websites. Actually I have ten ways. J. Thanks to Darius whom sent me… Read More »

5+5 Reasons for/Against comments on Blogs

Lately I have been toying with the idea of allowing comments on In true TodaysTen’s Fashion, I have came up with a list. 5 reasons each for allowing or not allowing comments on From this post on, I will be running a trial to see if comments really do increase both the quantity… Read More »