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10 Steps to get a Great Reference for your Next Job

Employers check references because they need a second opinion on their potential hire. Everyone should have references. But how do you get a great references that will outshine the others? Here is a simple 10 Step tutorial to get consistent and presentable references from your previous colleagues. Find a suitable referee. They are generally people… Read More »

Top 10 Hilarious Ideas

1. Panic PIN You use this PIN at the ATM when you are being robbed. Say if your PIN is 1234, you key in 4321 (in reverse order) at the ATM. You will still be accepted and can withdraw money. But the police will be notified to come and rescue you. You can also give… Read More »

Top Ten Causes of Anger at Work

As a Manager, we have the responsibility to manage emotions in the workplace. Anger at the workplace can cause unpleasant and uncomfortable emotions to many. Here we present the Top Ten causes of anger in the workplace. Anger in the workplace is quite common and research by Bensimon showed that most employees were annoyed at… Read More »