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The Last Post(no Pun intended)

  Firstly I have not been diligent in blogging for both CS3216 and for my own blog. CS3216 is coming to an end and it is time for a blog post that wraps up everything. This is probably the only course in NUS that teaches soft skills although you learnt a lot of other stuff.… Read More »

Systems Engineering

For myself, I can’t really differentatite between Modularity, Decomposition, Abstraction and SoC. In my mind, Modularity is the over arching princinple. Abstraction is the depth of modularity and SoC is the width of modularity Anyway there are a lot of similariteis between software design and organisational design, so much so that when the design is… Read More »

UI Suggestions: Facebook Application: Get Help

Overall the new Project Page is too hard to post a new project. I am not sure if the fields below are required but it seems that the fields below are probably unnecessary as they will not help a giver to decide if he would want to help the reciever.          … Read More »

Graffiti Revenue Estimation

Firstly here is my simple excel table on how the revenue numbers was generated that I mentioned in the Graffiti Presentation. One can debate about the numbers and estimations but that is the beauty of having a financial model. A model breaks down assumptions and helps you reach a reasonable value for each of the… Read More »

CS3216: Platforms

So I have decided to take a new format to writing the CS3216 blogs. You can still find the overview of the class below but they will be in raw typed notes. Instead I will be digging deep into an issue that the class brought up in my mind. In the class, it’s about developing… Read More »

CS3216 First Lesson

  Intro To CS3216  (For Non – CS3216 Readers)  This is a module that teaches how to develop applications on various platforms. In this semester, it will be using the Facebook API, Facebook connect and Microsoft WPF(Probably mainly silverlight). Students work in small teams of 4-5 for 3 assignments and 1 final project. For assignment… Read More »