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Test for Hereing

PLease ignore if you see this. I am testing a new feature callled embedable maps for food bloggers! This is a map that centers on a restaurant. It also shows other restaurant nearby that you have reviewed. Yhingthai Place #01-01 Talib Centre 36 Purvis Street Tel: 6339 2520 This is a map that shows all… Read More »

Term Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance Strategy

So for the last few weeks my girlfriend and I have been evaluating insurance policies for her. Basically it came down to a debate of 1) “Whole Life” – (WL) or 2) “Term + Invest the difference” – (TID). Before this evaultion, I always believed in “Term + Invest the difference” because the cost was… Read More »

Hmm…so how do I improve

Ok…so I have step on a minefield and it blew off my legs… I am making sure this does not happen again so I am inviting food bloggers to give me suggestions here just so I know what they are thinking. There are a few things that I hope I can be more clear about.… Read More » – First Test and Mistake

Hi people, Firstly, Please take a look at for some background context. It is basically a food/resturant review aggregator. When you click on a resturant, you will be shown the resturant’s rating and all the reviews by bloggers about that resturant. How the system works is that a user submits a blog review to… Read More »

Why I Started NearDeals?

First off if you are wondering about the name, it is because the site was originally intended to be a great deals/coupons for physical products site. This was what I self Proposed as my Final Year Project. “Title: NEARDEALS – Local Coupon & Deals Search via Mobile Interface A location based service for searching coupons… Read More »

Solving ERP problem using

I am going to propose a new replacement for ERP(road congestion Control) although I am pretty sure that this will just be a mental exercise. First, lets explain what is: is a car-GPS navigation manufacturer. What differentiates their product is the 2 way connectivity of their GPS set. This means that data(i.e. your… Read More »